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1933 Buick Model 57 Sedan - A real piece of American History

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1933 Buick Model 57 Sedan 1933 Buick Model 57 Sedan

This Wedding Car is A Wonderful Example of A 1933 Buick Model 57 Sedan

Car Details
Maker Buick
Model Series 50, Model 57 Sedan
Year 1933
Number of Passengers 4
Price From £ 275


What is very special about this 1933 Buick Model 57?

Buick cars were one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the USA in the 1920 and early 1930's. Their cars were famous for both performance and reliablility, so it may not come as a surprise that they made excellent getaway cars for gangsters, and they didn't come much bigger than the one that owned this one!

Dutch Schultz was one of the most dangerous gangsters in New York in the the 1920's and 30's, and was portrayed in the 1991 film Billy Bathgate by Dustin Hoffman. His gang controlled the whole of the Bronx and part of Manhatten, and was the only non-Italian gang to rival the 5 families of the Mafia. This car once belonged to Schultz and even has a bullet hole in it! Luckily for us the car and Schultz parted company, when he ordered a new, bullet proof car, and now it is part of our fleet ready to whisk you off to your wedding!

Our Buick Sedan has 4 door and seats 4 passengers and the body work is blue and black.

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