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1935 Mulliner Rolls Royce

1935_Mulliner_Rolls_Royce 1935_Mulliner_Rolls_Royce 1935_Mulliner_Rolls_Royce

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1935_Mulliner_Rolls_Royce 1935_Mulliner_Rolls_Royce



This wedding car is a wonderful example of a 1935 Mulliner Rolls Royce Sports Saloon.

Car Details
Maker Rolls Royce
Model Sports Saloon
Year 1935
Coachbuilder Mulliner
Number of Passengers 4
Price From £ 280
Color Black and White



What is a Mulliner Rolls Royce Sports Saloon?

Luxury cars that were built before World War II were made to the specification of the person buying the car. These cars were only made for the very wealthy, and as such they required a level of luxury almost unheard of today. Rolls-Royce cars made the chassis, which includes the frame, the motor and radiator and the wheels, but the rest of the bodywork and interior was made by a specialist coachbuilder.

H.J Mulliners coachbuilders were established in 1900 in Mayfair and were associated with Rolls Royce from the beginning. H.J. Mulliner's work was considered amongst the best in the World, and was considered to be a member of a small elite group of coachbuilders which also included Barker, (see our 1933 Barker Rolls Royce), and Hooper, the Royal coachbuilder.

This car is a beautiful example of a sports saloon they made (a saloon is a car with two rows of seats), in two tone black and white. It would make a perfect Wedding Car for anybody looking for vintage style.


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