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1939 Daimler Landaulette

1939 Daimler 1939 Daimler 1939 Daimler

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1939 Daimler 1939 Daimler
1939 Daimler 1939 Daimler 1939 Daimler

This wedding car is a beautiful example of a 1939 Daimler Landaulette.

Car Details
Maker Daimler
Model Landaulette
Year 1939
Number of Passengers 6
Price From £ 290


What is a Daimler Landaulette?

Daimler Cars were first manufactured in the UK in 1897 and hence the Daimler Marque is known t0 be Britains oldest Marque. Daimler then became the official transportation of Royalty in 1898, after the Prince of Wales, later to become Edward VII, rode in a Daimler. Daimlers remained the choice of the Royal family up until 1950, when Rolls Royce took over as the preferred vehicle.

This car is a beautiful example of a Daimler Landaulette, made, which means that the rear section of the roof is convertible.Weather permitting, you can travel with the hood down, offering even better photo opportunities with your wedding car.


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